SIMI  Project

The Students In Ministry Internship (SIMI) Project is meant for college students at the University of Southern Mississippi to explore pastoral ministry through four areas: Prayer & Communion, Worship, Community, and Missions. Our goal is to provide an incubator for college students to practice ministry in a safe supportive environment.


We understand college students have not been equipped for ministry or even started the process of contemplating the impacts of ministry. However, the four intern students are placed in an area to make a difference in our ministry, campus, and the world. Our four internships are also four crucial areas of ministry in any local church. Developing students in these particular areas will strengthen the local church. The SIMI Project provides space for a student exploring a call to ministry or strengthens their leadership ability in the Christian community. 

The SIMI Project lasts for one school year, beginning in August and ending in May. Applications are available every year in April. 

If you're interested in the Wesley Student Internship, be sure to look out for the application in April. 



The USM Wesley Foundation Graduate Internship can be describe as a ten month intensive on how to live life abundantly.


The internship is a way that we minister to the students of The University of Southern Mississippi. Our interns are responsible for discipling our student leaders, leading our ministry areas, and making our Tuesday night Refuge worship services happen.


The internship shares a schedule with the USM school year, starting mid-August and ending in May.  A person can intern for one, two, or three years. 


As an Graduate Intern, you will:


              -Meet weekly to disciple student leaders

              -Provide leadership for one of Wesley's many ministry areas

              -Serve a vital role in Wesley's Tuesday night Refuge Worship Service and Dinner

              -Meet with the Director weekly for discipleship

              -Live completely off of raised support, giving a year as a missionary

               to the University of Southern Miss

              -Take part in weekly leadership development time designed

               specifically to challenge and grow you into the leader God

               has called you to be

              -Participate in many other activities that both grow you personally

                and as a leader 


If you would like more information about interning at Wesley, you can email us at

USM Wesley Foundation


Physical Address: 210 N. 32nd Avenue, Hattiesburg, MS 39402

Campus PO Box: 118 College Drive, Box #8251, Hattiesburg, MS 39406