LEAD Team Ministry Areas and Responsibiltites

Mission Statement: “Living out God’s purpose through Community, Love, and Service!”


All Leadership Team Members are expected to:

Have an excited and passionate desire for the ministry happening at Wesley

Commit to 5 hours of involvement each week

Attend Refuge

Attend Thursday Free Lunch

Attend monthly leadership team meetings

Attend weekly discipleship meeting

Support, encourage, and pray for one another

Help out with Wesley Fundraisers (Mission Trip, Stop Hunger Now, Rock for Autism, etc.)

Keep the building and grounds looking clean (Sub Teams will rotate building chores)

Work with a spirit of service and joy that is reflective of the love that God has shown you

Watch your tongue, actions, and attitudes on campus and in the community so that they are a reflection of Christ in you.

Whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God! 1 Corinthians 10:31


PR Team

Members sit on other sub team as a liaison

Taking photos of events

Updating Wesley Facebook Page with pictures and upcoming events

Make highlight videos from events to show at Refuge

Advertising Wesley events through posters, Student Printz, radio, etc.

Help with getting the newsletter together and mailed

Put up Refuge A-Frame Signs on Monday Night and take them down on Tuesday Night after Refuge is over

Alumni Ministry Fair @ Homecoming

Work with Patrick to organize and plan Leadership Team Development gatherings (Leadership Retreat, Gymnastics Night, Gattitown, etc.)


Intramurals Team

Go to Campus Rec meetings

Organize online sign-up for teams

Contact team members and remind them of game times

Know intramural rules

Discourage playing games on Tuesday nights until 8:30 pm so as not to miss Refuge


Missions Team

Organize at least 2 Give-Back Night each semester at local restaurants (Firehouse Subs, Chili’s, T-Bones, Canes, etc.)

Organize one community outreach/service project per month (Edward Street, Aldersgate, Wesley Manor, Habitat for Humanity, The Big Event, etc.)

Instrumental in advertising and signing people up for mission experiences

Help organize Stop Hunger Now Packing Event

Parking for Home Football Games


Campus Outreach Team

Set up 2 outreach efforts each semester and get students to work

Work to get Wesley involved in campus activities (Freshman Move-in Day, Anchor Splash, Triple Play, Relay for Life, Rock for Autism, etc.)

Organize, setup, and take down tailgating for home football games

Organize 12 Hours of Prayer Day in the Spring

Reaching outside the walls of Wesley to show students the love of Christ


Hospitality Team

Work to make Refuge a welcoming environment (greeter, name-tager, snacks, Potluck, etc.)

Organize at least two fellowship nights per semester (Movie Night, Game Night, etc.)

Choose and formally invite a campus organization each week to lunch. Invite the week before and follow up the week of to determine how many people will attend

Homecoming Alumni Open House

Reaching inside the walls of Wesley to show students the love of Christ

Collect and Record Attendance/Follow up with visitors or people that are fringe students

First Time Visitor Initiative (collect information, give gift, follow up, etc.)

Refuge Pre-Service Hospitality Table (coffee, snacks, drinks, etc.)


Worship Team

Plan and organize worship experiences at Refuge on Tuesday nights

Be available to represent Wesley in local churches by participating in worship, youth retreats, college worship services, etc.

Recruit people with musical skills to provide worship music for events

Provide a creative environment for new elements to be added to worship experience

Set up room for Refuge worship on Tuesday

Make schedule for team to work ProPresentor software

Practice for service

Plan an all worship night per semester

USM Wesley Foundation


Physical Address: 210 N. 32nd Avenue, Hattiesburg, MS 39402

Campus PO Box: 118 College Drive, Box #8251, Hattiesburg, MS 39406