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Celebrating 85 Years of Ministry at Southern Miss Wesley (2024)

Join us in commemorating a remarkable milestone—the 85th anniversary of Southern Miss Wesley's impactful ministry! Throughout 2024, we'll share inspiring stories of generosity and gratitude that have shaped our journey.

Back in 1939, Dr. Fred Walker initiated monthly gatherings for Methodist students, laying the foundation for what would become the Southern Miss Wesley. From those humble beginnings, our community has grown, impacting countless lives on campus.

The 1950s marked a transformative era under Sam Barfield's leadership, nurturing young leaders who went on to make significant contributions. Dr. Aubrey Lucas and Dr. Maxie Dunnam, both influenced by the Wesley during those years, achieved remarkable heights in education and ministry leadership.

In 1962, leaders united to construct the first Wesley Foundation at Kelly Hall, a hub for spiritual growth until 1988. That year marked a new chapter as we broke ground at our present site, 3200 Montague Blvd, constructing the second Wesley Foundation.

These 85 years have witnessed countless individuals encountering Jesus, experiencing community, and embracing grace. As we celebrate our rich history, we eagerly anticipate the exciting chapter ahead for Southern Miss Wesley—a legacy rooted in the heart of the campus and a commitment to the heart of the campus community. Join us in looking back with gratitude as we step boldly into the next chapter of our ministry journey!

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