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Happy 2nd Wesleyaversary, Amber!

Today, we celebrate Amber's incredible two years of service with us. Affectionately known as the "Director of Chaos" and the one who turns ordinary moments into memorable ones, Amber has truly made her mark on our team.

Amber's unique ability to navigate chaos and transform it into something memorable has added a special touch to our work environment. Her creativity, dedication, and positive spirit have enriched our team dynamics, making every day a unique and unforgettable experience.

Here's to Amber's outstanding contributions and to many more years of making moments memorable! Cheers to you, Amber, on your 2nd Wesleyaversary! 🎉🥳

Here is an update from Amber.

It’s hard to believe I’ve already been here at the Wesley for two years! But it’s been an

amazing two years filled with challenges and growth and miracles. It’s really difficult to choose a favorite memory, because

there have been so many beautiful

moments here, but one that stands out

to me is the final night of worship when

we took a team of students to Delta

Grace to serve. The Lord had really

been moving that entire week, but that

night was like a culmination of

everything; as I looked around at our

students from Southern Miss, and the

students from the other Wesleys, I saw

a genuine moment of worship and

surrender. Many of them were letting

go of control, guilt, shame, and finding in their place that God’s presence changes


I’ve learned a lot these past couple of years- one thing being that I have a lot to learn!

I’ve realized, though, that it all starts with relationships. We really are here to help

students build deep, meaningful relationships. Because in those relationships is where the most growth happens. When I start with my relationship with the Lord and then goon to forge connections with students on a personal level and help them do the same with one another, it makes a huge difference. That’s when they know that they can lean in, and they have others who are there to support and encourage them.

This year, I look forward to continuing to build those relationships, growing Spark- our freshmen ministry, welcoming new students, learning more, teaching well, empowering our student leaders, and seeing what more God has in store. Because I know it’s going to be awesome.

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