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Is It Worth It?

Diving in: Let me be completely honest- I'm terrible at transitions. See, even in writing this first thought, I probably could have transitioned better into such a heavy topic. I probably should have eased you into it, but transitions are a flaw of mine. When I begin a transition, my excitement gets the best of me. The potential before me often clouds my mind of the ”here and now.” I find myself unable to enjoy the ride when new opportunities lie ahead. #Transitioning: During the past week, I've found myself wondering if this could really be- could I really be seated in the heart of the campus of USM representing the United Methodist Church to students? With the potential ahead to share the grace of God with students from across the state, the nation, and the even world? I'll admit that this opportunity is one I've imagined since my time in seminary, and I had my doubts of seeing it come together. But I sit in amazement at the beauty of this call and thank God for including me in this part of His story. Reaching: This is the mission field to which I have been called. A field full of students transitioning in so many ways. And as a ministry, the Wesley Foundation gets to walk alongside students in the transitions of life: as fear creeps in, anxiety prowls, depression lingers, and doubt overtakes. The grace of God will meet these students in their times of need, and we will all usher in the Kingdom here on earth, together. The college campus is the vineyard of all vineyards- let's get going! Focusing: I believe we all want to be ”fully known and fully loved.” In transition, let’s make slow steps, allowing ourselves to be fully known and fully loved. This process is done best in community, community that draws us back to the center with Jesus. Find yourself confessing and being vulnerable with one another in love and grace. Encourage community to form by serving each other and giving of yourself to God and neighbor. Transition into a communal life, living out the life of Christ among all people. This communal life is one that makes space to experience God’s grace, even in the midst of transition. At the end of the day, aren't we all in transition? From one small thing to a bigger thing, one function to another, one day to the next. In these transitions, Jesus is calling us to fall a little more in love with God and neighbor, allowing God to pour grace upon grace into our lives. #transitions #umc #usmwesley #grace

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