Wesley LEAD Covenant

Being a part of leadership in the Body of Christ is an honor and a privilege. Throughout scripture God, through those in authority, have asked His leaders to follow certain conditions that will make them most effective in the opportunity He gives them.


At Wesley, we are committed to living with moral and ethical values that are consistent with the Bible and standards appropriate for the community we live in. We expect the students who lead at Wesley to live according to those values in response to God's call for His people to live righteously. By agreeing to enter into this covenant, students give the right to the Wesley staff to hold them accountable and help them become what God had originally created them to become.


By accepting a leadership role at Wesley, I submit myself to the following covenant:

  • I will seek to know and serve the Lord as my first love.

  • I will be diligent in fulfilling all of the responsibilities entrusted to me.


These include:

  •  Regularly attending Wesley Tuesday night services

  •  Being faithful to attend weekly discipleship meetings

  • Being actively involved in the ministry area to which I am given through prayer, time, and dedication

  •  Attending the Leadership Retreat prior to the start of the Fall and Spring Semester


Realizing that my actions are a reflection not only on this ministry, but most importantly upon God:


  • I will live a life of celibacy outside the marriage covenant, and I will live above reproach and avoid even the appearance of immodesty in all my relationships. This includes purity in dating relationships.

  • If under 21, I will adhere to the law and not drink at all. Realizing that my example could cause others to stumble, I will refrain from even modest drinking in public settings – bars, parties, etc. in Hattiesburg, and I will carefully consider the costs when choosing to partake of alcohol outside of Hattiesburg.

  • I will be mindful of the words that come out of my mouth.  They will seek to be words that build up and not tear down. This includes, but not limited to gossip and foul language.

  • I will zealously guard what I watch, read, and listen to so as to not grieve the Holy Spirit who makes me His Temple.


Should I disagree with some facet of Wesley's teaching, I will feel free to voice my concerns with a Wesley staff member, while refraining from trying to persuade Wesley students. 


With regard to all of the above, I will submit myself to those in authority over me (interns and directors) and make myself accountable to them, as unto the Lord. If for any reason there are areas of shortcomings throughout the semester, grace and forgiveness will be at the heart of conversations in order to bring back the student into fellowship as well as into leadership positions.

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